Fan NFT - Sport Prediction

World Cup Prediction

Fan NFTs are your digital assets of your favorite sports teams. Unlike normal memberships, Fan NFTs never expire and are yours to keeps!
In World Cup 2022, there will be 32 specially designed NFTs representing the participating football teams. By owning your favorite team's NFT, you can receive huge rewards $FFS & $BNB when that team wins the match. The revenue from the sale of NFT will be used to rewards to the holders of the winning team's NFT.
It's easy to take part in World Cup Prediction and support your favourite team:
  • Buy the NFT of your favourite football team before the match/round starts.
  • If that team wins the match and go to the next round, you WIN the huge rewards.
  • The rewards will be sent to your wallet directly.

Can I change the team which want to support?

Yes, you can own more NFT from various teams you want to support; the more NFT you own, the higher the reward $FFS & $BNB for winning.